13 March 2010

How to become a Pilot?

That is the most frequently asked question when someone know you are a cadet pilot or maybe, if you are a pilot. Yesterday was the historical day for SPM candidates year 2009.Their result has been announced and now its the time for them to choose what they want to be.

For those who have interest to become a pilot, please read carefully.There are few requirements you need to fulfill to become one.

1) Medically fit


3)Interest in Aviation

4)Able to communicate especially when it comes to teamwork.

5)Age 18-24 years old.

6)Height not less than 163cm.

Lets make it simple.

First what you have to do is, send an Application Letter to Department of Civil (DCA) for approval letter.

Download sample=> DCA

Having the approved letter by DCA in hand, proceed for medical checkup.I personally recommend you to undergo Medical checkup first before start paying any deposit to flying school.In case anything happen due to your health history, they fail you, so your money wont be waste.

Medical examiners list

After medically certified (Class 1), refer to any Flying School in Malaysia.For example, Asia Pacific Flight Training.This is where I am =p. Ask them the latest course fees for your future reference.For those who are self-sponsored, it wont be an issue.But, for those who rely on 3rd party like MARA (thankfully got MARA covered), or Bank loan, you will have an extra work to do.As for now, I'm not really sure that MARA already open up their loan/scholarship for cadet pilot yet as they closed the scheme since last year.But hey, dont give up yet.When your true passion is there, you will find ways to get it done.Bank loan maybe its not a good choice but it is the only hope.For this, you have to refer to bank itself for further information.

Once you got everything, you will have your offer letter from flying school which contain your commencement date.

One you are here, you will start your course with PPL phase followed by CPL/IR.Which will take about 22months.One thing for sure is you will finish up your ground school about 1 year after your commencement date*.Since then, flying phase all the time.

So, I believed I provide as much info as I can, if you guys have any inquiries, please drop a comment below.

(*Information above may be varies from flying school to another)


cici said...

heyya..when u say u r sponsored by mara to cover the fees, do u get monthly allowances as well? how about mas sponsored cadets? if yes, how much is it if u dont mind telling...tq

rezolles said...


I considered myself lucky because MARA totally covered me course fees. I dont have to pay any single cents to enter flying school.Whereas, from what I know, some other flying school, MARA can only cover their fees until certain amount and they have to topup with their own money almost 20-30K in some cases.So, back to your question, we dont get any monthly allowances as food and accommodation is already provided by flying school.However, this is totally different if you are a MAS sponsored cadet, they have been provided with monthly allowance which somewhere around RM300/month.(Source MAS Batch M26 APFT).

Thank you.

cici said...

thx a lot for the info...good luck with flying and dont forget to buckle up

rezolles said...

allright , thx for the reminder =}

amnan said...

salam bro..
saya dah hantar surat beserta salinan keputusan spm saya ke DCA..
tapi skrg ni dah hampir 2 minggu dah saya hantar tapi belum dapat keputusan lagi..
kebiasaannya memang lambat ker?

rezolles said...


Kebiasaannya memang mengambil masa antara 2-3minggu untuk dapatkan "Approval Letter" dari DCA.Kalau sudah melebihi 3minggu, sila hubungi DCA untuk sahkan penerimaan surat yang dihantar.Sebab pada masa saya dahulu, DCA tersilap hantar alamat.Jadi, saya minta mereka poskan ke alamat yang betul.

Muriel Pereira said...

I am currently waiting for my SPM results. I am a Science stream student. I am interested in Pilot training. Is height a criteria as I am 156cm. Secondly, does MAS sponsor students for pilot training whereby they go on contract to pay back the loan? Please reply ASAP Thank you

rezolles said...


MAS do sponsor their cadets by having them to serve around 15years as a contract. Currently, MAS do not accept female cadet. However, you may call MAS HR department to verify and finalyze the matter.

Thank you.

Rusli said...

sekarang saya sedang menunggu keputusan spm 2010.Sebenarnya saya bercita cita untuk menjadi juruterbang dan saya ada satu kemuskilan mengenai pembiayaan untuk pengajian ini.. sekiranya kita sudah hantar surat ke DCA dan telah menjalankan medical check dan selepas itu kena rujuk mana2 sekolah penerbangan kan..masalahnya ilah bagaimana dan dimana harus kita dapatkan pembiayaan tersebut....sebab semasa pendaftaran kita mesti membuat pembayaran kan...bleh tak abg terangkan kepada saya kronologi yg harus saya tempuhi dlam keadaan begini..

rezolles said...


Berkaitan kewangan, saya nasihatkan dapatkan pandangan dari Bank atau pihak sekolah.

Setelah hantar dan ada approval letter dari DCA, boleh rujuk di mana-mana sekolah penerbangan.

Mohd Adil said...

Salam bro, i already get an offer letter from APFT .... i m looking for financial assistance bro.... u have any idea bro ?


rezolles said...


For financial assistance, you can refer to APFT as they will provide necessary information or you can contact local banks for more information.

Thank you.