26 May 2011

Twin Engine Simulator

Upgraded to two bars now =)

I've started my twin engine simulator on 25/05/2011. Stay tuned in the next post for update.

25 May 2011

Instrument Flying 17 (M) -DPCO 0:30H (VOLTS LOW)

Total Hours : 114:40

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRD

Co-Pilot : Faiz (2361)

Date of flying : 13/05/2011
P/s: DPCO :30Mins

Flying on Friday sometimes can be fun and tiring. Especially, if your sortie scheduled after the Friday prayer. The best part is, on Friday, airport is not that busy which means perfect for Instrument letdown practice or also known as Instrument approach. Normally for single engine aircraft, we practiced VOR and VOR DME approaches. It can be Runway 10 or Runway 28. Depending on the runway in use on that day.

I asked one of my senior friend from batch 23 to mutual me as the safety pilot since he's flying twin early in the morning. He agreed to mutual me as he want to familiarize with Diamond cockpit as well.

Shorten the story, right after Friday prayer, I did pre-flight check the aircraft and found the aircraft in good condition. Called for startup for VOR DME RWY 10 approach but initially to Bachok training due to some traffic inbound.

So, we safely airborne and everything was normal during take-off roll. I tracked to Bachok at 1000feet. Normally, the Heading is around 140' . After established Bachok, as per procedure, advised Tower and changed over to Ground frequency. At that time, there are one traffic operated coastal area. So I tracked to Gunong.

We then climbed to 2000feet before start Rate-One-Turn practice and etc. I managed to practiced descending Rate One Turn to 1000feet.

Approximately, around 10mins. Ground called me and informed to climb to 2500feet.

Ground : APAC 2458, ground.
Me : APAC 2458, ground, go ahead Sir.
Ground : APAC 2458, climb 2500feet, over Bachok, call again maintaining.
Me : Roger, Climb 2500feet and wilco.

I then did climbing turn reaching 1500feet. Suddenly caution light blinking on the PFD.

"VOLTS LOW" indication.

Me : Paih, bukak checklist refer Volts Low checks please.
Faiz : Standby..
Me : Ground APAC 2458.
Ground : APAC 2458, go ahead
Me : Errr..APAC 2458, would like to cancel intention for instrument approach due to Volts Low. Request direct Runway 28 for immediate landing if possible sir.
Ground : APAC 2458, approved, RUNWAY 28, QNH 1008 report final.
Me : (readback)
Faiz : Arni, Kalau ikut checklist, off benda tak penting...kalau tak jugk, check ALTERNATOR fail procedure..
Me : HAA ALTERNATOR FAIL?...ok2 takper cuba off benda tak penting...
Faiz : Dah..tokleh jugak..mcm mana?
Me : ALTERNATOR FAIL Checks please.
Faiz : Roger..

I tracked for Runway 28 via coastal just in case of anything.

So he did advised me what to do for ALTERNATOR fail checks.

I followed as per checklist, I checked the Circuits breaker, all are in.
Essential Bus, I set to ON. The moment I set to ON, my MFD display (screen infront of Co-pilot) is OFF. My RADIO is out as well...

Me: Tak boleh jadi ni..Cuba OFF balik tengok.
Faiz : OK.

After Essential Bus turned OFF, the MFD alive as well as the Radio. (Note : Essential Bus is not to be ON during NORMAL operation because it will only power up essential equipment during the flight)

However, the VOLTS LOW indication was out as well and Volts indicated Normal.. Without taking any risk, I continue land the aircraft using Runway 28. According to the checklist, engine can fail at anytime if the alternator fail.

We landed safely around 30mins after we airborne. Capt Dhany and few air asia students was standing in front and watched us taxi. They then asked us what happened and I explained to them. Capt Dhany was thankful nothing happen to us and I reported to the engineer in charge on that day.

22 May 2011

Congratulations, APAC 2161.

"APAC 2161" used to be the call sign used by a cadet name Mohd Faiq Mohd Tahir. He was from Batch 21 and the 11th person in sequence for their first Solo. He currently staying with his family somewhere around Wakaf Che Yeh, well-known place for "shopping" thingy.

I started to know him before Fly1Malaysia which was organized by Malaysian Youth Pilot Association (MYPA). He was the person who planned the route and prepare charts for the event. He was the one who suggested my name to be appointed as the official photographer during this event. Without him, MYPA wont know. Faiz, another my senior from batch 23 was his assistant. Both of them staying not far from each other. In fact, they are neighbur.

Faiq was quite helpful to me. He's the one who organized my flying hours. I still can remember back, I was very confused to managed my own hours. Until one day, I asked him to help me. He said just pass the logbook with FTR. Let him calculate the current and hours remaining to clock.

1 Day. That's all what he need.

I was relieved to know that there was someone who is able to help me. Faiz also did help me to calculate the hours and he's the one who asked me to "double confirm" with Faiq. After 1 day, as promised, he did organized my hours and told me that I need to do a slight correction on the logbook it self. My fault actually, I didn't know that I had to put "Famil until Circuit" hours at General Handling column.

After having the correct amount of hours in my logbook, I was shocked that he printed well in an A4 paper complete with exercises name and hours to clock. With this paper in hand, made my life much more easier. Last time I'm quite worried with my Dual Hours. After he planned and organized everything, my dual hours nicely clock for 49HRs.

I've learned lots of thing from him. Especially in R/T. Before this, during start-up call, I didn't mention QNH I used which I've got from ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service).Only thing I mention was the Information copied. He said, it is advisable to acknowledge the QNH during startup call to ensure the QNH used is the latest one. Until one day, I experienced myself during SOLO GH. As usual, I listened to ATIS to have the information such as Winds, Visibility, Clouds, Temp/Dew, QNH and Runway in use. ATIS reported latest QNH was 1013. When I turned my barometer knob to 1013, it shows 100feet elevation which was way too far from the limitations. I read somewhere in SOP stated that the aircraft ALTIMETER is unserviceable if it showing +/-50 feet. So, what I did was, at the very last transmission, I transmitted 1013 and ATC advised me latest QNH was 1010.

I cant remember how many times he mutual during my Instrument Flying even Navigation. Normally, during Instrument Flying, we need a safety pilot to do the lookout as the Pilot in command (PIC) is flying solely by instrument and it his job to ensure the aircraft that not posses any hazard to other traffic and he can took over the control in case the PIC disorientated, or to safe the aircraft in case too close with other traffic. (Ref:APFT SOP)

He taught me so many things and in fact based on his experience during IF test. What are the examiners look for during the test and he did asked me to practice all.

Today, 22-05-2011 was the most historical date to him. He finally earned the wing as he passed the IRT with APAC 03T (Capt Mokhy). 200hours of flying time. His mission to wait for the Fly1Malaysia event which once in a life time was worth it. I personally saw his parents as he taxied out from dispersal and waved to him; Proud.

Before closing his book, I asked him to mutual me for the very last time. My IF19. We fly as usual like a Captain and Co-Pilot. Of course, we did some simple "photoshoot" at 2000feet with his new phone camera; 5.0 Mega pixels. Did VOR RWY 10 approach and landed safely 1 hour later without any incident.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for every single knowledge during flying and other friendly advice on how to survive in this aviation world.

The last mutual flying with APAC 2161 (22-05-2011 ; IF 19 9M-NRH)

19 May 2011

Fly1Malaysia "Photoshoot"

I was offered by Chairman of Malaysian Youth Pilot Associations (MYPA), Tuan Ahmad Humaizi bin Tuan Muhammad Kamal, as the official photographer during Fly1Malaysia event which took place at APFT Hangar on 15 May 2011.Link

Initially, I have 2 other photographers as my assistant but both of them can't make it on that day. However, I managed to covered everything by running here and there to catch up things that happened at one time.

I feel worthwhile when instructors approached me and said picture taken nicely done.

Feel free to checkout the photos at my FB => http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.217790024916346.69094.100000560508381

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17 May 2011


KOTA BAHARU, May 15 (Bernama) -- The Young Pilots'' Association of

Malaysia took off on a record-breaking flight expedition around the country in

three fixed wing aircraft from here today.

The Diamond 42, Diamond 40 and Piper 28 aircraft took off one after another

in three different directions and are set to fly back home in less than 24 hours

to carve a name in the Malaysian Book of Records, said the chairman of the

association, Tuan Ahmad Humaizi Tuan Muhammad Kamal.

He said the Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT) aircraft must arrive at the

APFT hangar at Pengkalan Chepa here by 8.45am tomorrow to set the record in

conjunction with the Youth Day celebration today.

Eleven pilots are taking turn to fly the aircraft in different three

directions - Langkawi, Johor Bahru and Kuching/Kota Kinabalu, he told reporters

after flagging off the three aircraft at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport here


The pilots taking part are Aaron Tan Wei Ren, Abd. Rahman Abd. Mohsin, S.Akhilan, Amir Anuar Mohamad Zaini, Chua Siong, Safian Mohd Fawzi, Adrian Dan Wern Han, Amiruddin Amidon, Mohd Faiq Mohd Tahir, N. Sathes Kumar, Mohd Faiz Mohd Nasir and Tuan Ahmad Humaizi himself.

Tuan Ahmad Humaizi said the programme was planned over a year ago with the

APFT as the main sponsor in efforts disseminate information on the 1Malaysia

concept during stopover.

He said the highlight of the programme would be the presentation of a

Malaysian Book of Records certificate in conjunction with the Assembly of One

Million Youths in Putrajaya at the end of the month, which would be graced by

the prime minister.



12 May 2011

Instrument Flying 17 (M) -DPCO 0:30H

Total Hours : 112:55

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRB

Co-Pilot : Christopher (APAC2259)

Date of flying : 12/05/2011
P/s: DPCO :30Mins

It was my 17 hours of Instruments flying since my PPL. 12 hours of letdowns to be exact. Today, my mutual partner was Christopher from Batch 22. One of the famous guy in his batch. I offered him to be my safe pilot during my exercise. Since he started twin engine, he must have lots of experience and knowledge about IF.

I came to hangar with 10.30am bus. Weather in the morning and afternoon was good. Visibility more than 10KM and high clouds. My sortie was scheduled around 4.00PM until 5.00PM. Shorten the story, after my batchmate with Capt Kamis landed safely, I checked the aircraft and re-fuel before we safely airborne around 4.30PM.

So, after startup approved, we were asked to track initially to Bachok because instruments approach is not available at that moment due to scheduled inbound. I was no 2 at holding point charlie while number 1 was APAC 12M (Capt Dhany).

Tower cleared both of us for line up. I was the number one for departure while APAC 12M number 2. I took off safely and tracked to Bachok. Initially, APAC 12M requested to Uban, however, ATC advised him to change his intention to Bachok training area due weather approaching at Uban.

Tower : APAC 12Mike, advised we observed from RADAR, weather approaching at Uban, do you accept Bachok?
APAC 12M : Roger, Bachok.

APAC 12M still on the runway, while I'm maintaining 1000feet tracking to Bachok town. After APAC 12M airbone, around 3mins, he radio me via Company frequency which is 133.0.

APAC 12M : APAC 2458 from 12M, company.
Me : APAC 12M go ahead sir.
APAC 12M : APAC 2458, just to inform you that we are on your 9 oclock now, visual with you.

I and Christopher started looking out for the traffic, and we spotted the aircraft, flying much much more faster than us...Pergh. (Dua enjin tu)

Me : APAC 2458 visual with you too sir, tracking to Bachok now.
APAC 12M : 12Mike.

After I established Bachok, I reported to Tower and over to ground frequency. We then tracked to Gunong area because coastal occupied by one traffic.

I managed to practiced Climb and Rate-one-turn and PFL.

So I did rate one turn...While turning, Christopher IDLE the power...HAHAHAHA...

Me : PFL?
Christopher : Show me.
Me : Roger.

So I selected one of the force landing area nearby and maintain the glide speed or also known as magic speed which was 70kts. So, after he satisfied, he asked me to initiate Go-Around. After that, Ops called APAC 12M to inform SOLO students to RTB due weather approaching.

OPS : APAC 12M, pls advised SOLO students to RTB due weather approaching now, KB Town is raining.
APAC 12M : ROger..Break break, all traffic in bachok, you guys copied that?
Me : Yes sir..Will request rejoin in a moment.

Then I looked at Christopher, and said we need to go back. It was getting darker and darker. I requested rejoin as per normal.

Tower : APAC 2458, do you have airfield inside?
Me : Affirm sir airfield insight.
Tower : APAC 2458, maintain 1500feet report again Early downwind and advised, storm cells around KB town and raining on final runway 10.
Me : Roger Early downwind 1500 copied weather 2458.

I saw dark clouds around KB town..

Me : I think its raining la there bro..
Christopher : Yes..But never mind, keep visual we will be fine.

Early downwind 1500feet

APAC 12M : APAC 06Tango from 12M company.
APAC 06T : Go ahead.
APAC12M : Be advised, I detected storm cells around Uban training area and approaching.
APAC 06T : Copied. Thank you.
P/s : My batchmate, Irfaan was on test with Capt Zeenu and they only managed to do circuits due weather.

On downwind, it started to rain and landed safely 10mins later. =) Around 30mins later, strong wind and thunderstorms rocks in the evening. Lucky.

P/s : Thanks bro~

03 May 2011

Lelaki maut kereta rempuh tiang papan tanda

KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang lelaki berusia 20 tahun terbunuh apabila kereta dipandunya terbabas dan melanggar tiang papan tanda di Lebuhraya Persekutuan dari pusat bandar raya menghala Petaling Jaya berhampiran pusat beli-belah Mid Valley, di sini, awal pagi semalam.

Usaha mengeluarkan mangsa, Sayyid Mohammad Hasiff Ab Latif, 20, yang tersepit mengambil masa lebih 30 minit sebelum mayatnya dibawa ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), di sini, untuk bedah siasat.
Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 5 pagi itu, mangsa yang bersendirian gagal mengawal kenderaan sebelum merempuh papan tanda berkenaan.

Ketua Turus Siasatan dan Perundangan Trafik Kuala Lumpur, Deputi Superintendan Abdullah Roning ketika dihubungi berkata mangsa yang memandu kereta Honda CRV hitam gagal mengawal kenderaan disebabkan jalan licin.
“Mangsa yang dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja terbabas ke kiri jalan sebelum merempuh tiang papan tanda di kawasan berkenaan. “Mangsa yang parah di kepala dan badan meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian,” katanya.

Gambar ihsan dari U-wartawan (Zapa Cutekoreanstyle)

Menurutnya, kes itu disiasat mengikut Seksyen 41(1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987.

Mangsa merupakan pelajar APFT dari Batch 26.



02 May 2011

Night Flying 7 & 8 (SOLO)

Total Hours : 97:25

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : SOLO

Date of flying : 28/04/2011

I've been scheduled for NF 7&8 (SOLO) 2hours of Night Flying by Flight Operations. For those who dont know, a cadet must not have Night Flying sortie more than 3days in a row. There must be at least one day off between the gap. Back to story, as usual, junior Night Flyer will have to do the Night Flying briefing. Once briefing completed, I went and check my SOLO aircraft (9M-NRA) alone as I'm the only person who utilized the aircraft during night time. So I have to make sure everything normal before sunset.

Navigation lights also known as Position lights(DA-40). Red light on Port side while Green on Starboard. This light must be turn-on when an aircraft is "occupied". It is very important to make sure this lights working in perfect condition, as the ATC will know the aircraft nose position by referring to this light. Other lights such as Strobe or also known as Anti-Collision light is equally important.

Landing and Taxi Light located on the left wing on Diamond-40 aircraft

After satisfied with the lighting condition of the aircraft, I proceed with external check. I checked the fuel quantity and drained few times to ensure the fuel is not contaminated with water.

After everything was completed, I signed the tech-log and went out for dinner. Around 7.18PM, I performed Maghrib prayer with my batchmates and we requested for start-up around 8PM. I did most of Flapless circuit rather than normal. Reason why is the attitude is quite different from normal circuit.

As you can see in the video, it was very dark to see the centreline, I only aim for the lights from taxiway to centreline to correct my approach as well as runway edge lighting.

Safely landed around 1HR 45Mins. I landed 15mins early due to scheduled inbound. ATC officer working during my NF time was MR Az Ha =)

Night Flying 6

Total Hours : 95:25

(NF2,3,4,5 included)

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRA

Instructor : Capt Rao (APAC 14)

Date of flying : 26/04/2011

I've flown with Capt Kamis (APAC09) for my second night flying (NF2). Alhamdullilah, everything went normal as I getting used with dark-time flying. For today, I flown NF 6 with Capt Rao. It was the second time I'm flying with him during night time. Basically, during night time we practiced Normal and Flapless circuit only. There is no GLIDE/PFL circuit.

This is how it looks in DA-40 during Night Flying

There are few differences between Night and Day time flying. Normally, during Night Time flying, when you rotate (Vr) (Term: Pilot will start to pull-up to lift the nose wheel) and transfer from visual to instruments. Until reaching 300feet (Safe ALT), Flaps UP and LDG/Taxi light OFF as per normal.

During day time, we start to turn for downwind around 500feet. However, for SOLO at night, the turning Altitude increased from 500feet to 800feet. However, with instructor, you may turn earlier at 500feet (REFER: APFT SOP UPD:01/2011)

This time, Capt Rao asked me to practiced Radio Failure Procedure. (REF: APFT SOP 01/2011)

According to APFT Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), pilot shall maintain 1000feet keeping a good lookout for another traffic. Squawk 7600 (Radio Failure). (Notes: Squawk 7500 (Unlawful Interference), Squawk 7700 (Distress) )


Referring to above picture, Note that the transponder code is set to 1200 ALT. XPDR stands for Transponder. After set the correct squawk code. Aircraft shall continue circuit and on final, descent and maintain 300feet OVER the Runway. Flash the letter R ( . _ . ) with LDG/TAXI light to notify ATC that you have Radio Failure. Then join circuit with 1000feet and wait for Light signal from Tower.

Steady Green - Clear To Land

Steady Red - Overshoot and carry out another circuit

Intermittent Red - Aerodrome Unsafe , DO NOT LAND

After I followed as per procedure, I return with one more circuit and practiced Flapless approach to land. This time, Capt Rao request NO APPROACH LIGHT, NO PAPI LIGHT as well as LDG/TAXI Light OFF...The only lights available was the runway edge light.Touched down safely without any incident =).