22 May 2011

Congratulations, APAC 2161.

"APAC 2161" used to be the call sign used by a cadet name Mohd Faiq Mohd Tahir. He was from Batch 21 and the 11th person in sequence for their first Solo. He currently staying with his family somewhere around Wakaf Che Yeh, well-known place for "shopping" thingy.

I started to know him before Fly1Malaysia which was organized by Malaysian Youth Pilot Association (MYPA). He was the person who planned the route and prepare charts for the event. He was the one who suggested my name to be appointed as the official photographer during this event. Without him, MYPA wont know. Faiz, another my senior from batch 23 was his assistant. Both of them staying not far from each other. In fact, they are neighbur.

Faiq was quite helpful to me. He's the one who organized my flying hours. I still can remember back, I was very confused to managed my own hours. Until one day, I asked him to help me. He said just pass the logbook with FTR. Let him calculate the current and hours remaining to clock.

1 Day. That's all what he need.

I was relieved to know that there was someone who is able to help me. Faiz also did help me to calculate the hours and he's the one who asked me to "double confirm" with Faiq. After 1 day, as promised, he did organized my hours and told me that I need to do a slight correction on the logbook it self. My fault actually, I didn't know that I had to put "Famil until Circuit" hours at General Handling column.

After having the correct amount of hours in my logbook, I was shocked that he printed well in an A4 paper complete with exercises name and hours to clock. With this paper in hand, made my life much more easier. Last time I'm quite worried with my Dual Hours. After he planned and organized everything, my dual hours nicely clock for 49HRs.

I've learned lots of thing from him. Especially in R/T. Before this, during start-up call, I didn't mention QNH I used which I've got from ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service).Only thing I mention was the Information copied. He said, it is advisable to acknowledge the QNH during startup call to ensure the QNH used is the latest one. Until one day, I experienced myself during SOLO GH. As usual, I listened to ATIS to have the information such as Winds, Visibility, Clouds, Temp/Dew, QNH and Runway in use. ATIS reported latest QNH was 1013. When I turned my barometer knob to 1013, it shows 100feet elevation which was way too far from the limitations. I read somewhere in SOP stated that the aircraft ALTIMETER is unserviceable if it showing +/-50 feet. So, what I did was, at the very last transmission, I transmitted 1013 and ATC advised me latest QNH was 1010.

I cant remember how many times he mutual during my Instrument Flying even Navigation. Normally, during Instrument Flying, we need a safety pilot to do the lookout as the Pilot in command (PIC) is flying solely by instrument and it his job to ensure the aircraft that not posses any hazard to other traffic and he can took over the control in case the PIC disorientated, or to safe the aircraft in case too close with other traffic. (Ref:APFT SOP)

He taught me so many things and in fact based on his experience during IF test. What are the examiners look for during the test and he did asked me to practice all.

Today, 22-05-2011 was the most historical date to him. He finally earned the wing as he passed the IRT with APAC 03T (Capt Mokhy). 200hours of flying time. His mission to wait for the Fly1Malaysia event which once in a life time was worth it. I personally saw his parents as he taxied out from dispersal and waved to him; Proud.

Before closing his book, I asked him to mutual me for the very last time. My IF19. We fly as usual like a Captain and Co-Pilot. Of course, we did some simple "photoshoot" at 2000feet with his new phone camera; 5.0 Mega pixels. Did VOR RWY 10 approach and landed safely 1 hour later without any incident.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for every single knowledge during flying and other friendly advice on how to survive in this aviation world.

The last mutual flying with APAC 2161 (22-05-2011 ; IF 19 9M-NRH)

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