20 June 2011

Speedlight in the house...

I knew I should have speed light from the first day I started photography, but at that time, I just want to concentrate to have composition in photos and of course, focus on day time shooting only. However, as time goes on, I started slowly to join event which some of them are paid ones and I realized the importance of having speed light.

I still remember, I went to one of my friend engagement ceremony and surprisingly I am the only photographer used 'built-in' flash.Haha.. Even though I managed to snap photos nicely,but the quality and brightness of having built-in and speed light pretty much different. As for now, I started with Nissin Di622 Mark II model. Of course there are much more better like SB900 or Nissin Di866, but its a quite pricey for me.

I bought this one at Lowyat plaza and I went to store after store looking for the best price I can get. Until I found a shop. Offered quite reasonable price and its a new one =).

Still, I'm quite new into "flash photography". Experimenting is the best way to learn actually.

14 June 2011

Instruments Flying Test (CPL)

Total Hours : 137:30

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRB

Examiner : Capt Mokhy

Date of flying : 08/06/2011

test was the second test in CPL stage. It was my first time actually flying with Capt Mokhy. Capt Mokhy is one of the senior Authorised Examiner in APFT. He can test 4 different types of aircraft (Source: certificate in his room). PA28, PA34,DA40 and DA42. Previously,I did FNT with Capt Kamis while PPL test with Capt Zeenu.

Basically, there are two AE qualified for CPL IF test; Capt Zeenu and Capt Mokhy. However, Operation assigned me with APAC 03T (Capt Mokhy) because Capt Zeenu (APAC06T) was on leave.

As usual, preparation is everything. Prior to test, there a lots of thing need to be prepare such as briefing board, load and balance as well as performance charts.

Basically, for CPL IF test, I was told that AE wanted to see accuracy in maintaining heading/radial, understanding the sectors of entry and how to execute them.

We cleared for Take off Runway 10. However, depature clearance slightly different than usual. Tower asked me to make a left turn at 500feet and hold North of the airfield. We safely airborne and I did a left turn and tracked to North. While climbing, an approach briefing given. I briefed him the type of entry, MSA and other relevant informations. After been holding for a while, Tower cleared us to track overhead VKB at 2500feet. I did as practiced and touch and go and tracked to Bachok for Basic IF.

Basic IF which include Rate One Turn, Medium Turn, Steep Turns as well as Unusual Attitude Recovery. After Capt Mokhy satisfied, we then rejoin as per standard procedure via KB town and landed safely.

12 June 2011

New Hobby =)

Guitar.. Yes it is. It was my new hobby. I wanted to play long time ago but since then, I don't have the right opportunity and time to learn, plus I don't have "instructor" to show me.

But now, I have both. A guitar that I bought around RM90 and an instructor. He even spent a whole night showing me the proper way to play, tune and also, a software that he used to play guitar. Very useful, interactive and fun. He owned an electric guitar, of course much more expensive. But for a newbie like me, guitar "Kapok" is more than enough.

I've started to play since two weeks ago and it took me around 12days to master one song. "When you're gone" - Avril Lavigne is the only song that I can play at the moment. Hehe..Yeah, I'm still learning. Step by step.

Maybe one day I will come up with my own video clip?

Till meet again =)

11 June 2011

Flight Navigation Test (FNT)

Total Hours : 133:55

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRG

Examiner : Capt Kamis (APAC09)

Date of flying : 01/06/2011

Flight Navigation Test (FNT), was the first test in CPL Stage. Minimum HRS for FNT was around 47Hours and 30mins of Navigation flying, which includes Dual, P1 and P1/us. The test itself conducted for 2hours and 30mins. My examiner was Capt Kamis (APAC09T). Letter "T" (pronunciation as "Tango") will be mention at the end of the call sign indicating the student is on test.

My route was set by Capt Kamis. Few of the waypoints such as Bukit Mas, Jelapang, Kg Surau, Kg Pasir Putih are new for me. I've checked the waypoint and crosschecked with Google Earth as well.


As usual, quite a lot of paperwork to do during test such as, Load and Balance, Performance sheets, Briefing board, METAR,TAF, NOTAMs and any other relevant information . My flight test was scheduled around 11.30am in the morning. Even though I can take 10.30am bus, but to prepare so many paper work before flight, I have to forced myself to wake up early in the morning for 6.30am bus.

After having the latest METAR and TAF in hand, I prepared the Performance sheets, as well as Load and Balance. By having this information in hand, we can expect how the aircraft performance behaviour as well our weight within the limitation for this particular aircraft. After happy with everything, I called Capt Kamis for briefing. Started with date, aim for the test, examiner and cadet's name, cadet total hours and few more informations.

After he satisfied with the briefing and I proceed with pre-flight check. Things that I carried in flights are :

1)Life jacket (each)
2)Jungle survival kit
4)Map/Nav log/Diversion ruler and standby navlog
and of course, Checklist =p

Before start the aircraft, he said something to me:

Capt : Arni, buat macam fly SOLO ke..Anggap saya takde.
Me : OK sir..hehe.

After started the engine, called for startup and safely airbone few mins later. I then set course to Peringat. My first waypoint enroute to Terengganu. Weather and visibility was so good initially. After reported my time at Peringat, Height and Estimate Time of Arrival of next waypoint, then I carried out CLEAR OFF check:

C- Compass & DI (Sync)
L- Log
E-Engine T's & P's
A-Altimetry (QNH) & Height
R-Radio Frequency & NAV aids

O-Orientation (where are you)
F-Fuel (Min fuel crosscheck with actual Fuel on Board (FOB)
F-Force landing area

After finished my CLEAR OFF check, tower called me.

Tower : APAC 09Tango, position.
Me : Tower, APAC 09Tango Radial xxx and xxxDME.
Tower : Copied, APAC 09Tango, climb 8000feet.
Me : Roger 8000feet APAC 09Tango.

While I'm climbing to 8000feet, Tower advised me that there is one traffic coming from the south. So I climb with Vy (Best Rate of Climb) speed to get my height as fast as I can.

Shorten the story, on route to Kuala Relai, I've been released to Terengganu approach for further instruction. I've reported them my position, height and next waypoint ETA. However, ATC request position of my waypoint.

Terengganu : APAC09Tango, request position of Kampung Surau?Is it near coastal?
Me: Err..Negative, Kampung Surau around south of Bukit Besi..
Terengganu: Roger, call again abeam Bukit Besi...
Me : Wilco APAC09Tango.

Then I looked at Capt Kamis, hehe..Maybe ATC never heard of Kampung Surau before :p . Weather on route to south of Terengganu is quite hazy. Visibility around 6-7KM only. We then tracked to terengganu via Kg Pasir Putih and Marang. Safely touched down at WMKN and set course back to Kota Bharu at 5000feet.

While tracking to Pulau Rhu, again ATC advised, traffic from Bachok tracking to Pulau Perhentian same level with me (5000feet). ATC did advised traffic ETA for P.Perhentian. Safely touched down back at Kota Bharu airfield around 2hrs and 10mins later.

Capt Kamis : OK Arni, you pass your test..No major problem..The only thing is, dont request too high..
Me : hehehe..ok sir =)

Note : My highest altitude I've been during my Navex was round 10,000feet to Gua Musang =p.

Navigation 20 (M)

Total Hours : 122:40

Aircraft : DA40

Registration : 9M-NRH

Co-Pilot : Naaven (2454)

Date of flying : 24/05/2011

Navigation 20 was the last navigation exercise before Flight Navigation Test (FNT). Since it was the last one, I really spent lots of time to plan the route. Time allocated for this exercise was around 3Hrs. Even I planned for the furthest route, my EET (Estimated Elapsed Time) was only around 2Hrs 30Mins. Good enough for me I think.


2 interesting facts during this flight.
- I have my Nikon D3000 on board
- First time flying across Kenyir Dam.

Naaven did advised me that we might be holding at Kuala Relai because we requested for 8000feet. He explained that we are on the path of Runway 04 approach. So I prepared with minimum fuel calculation and maximum time of holding.

Weather in the morning was perfect for Navigation. As usual, before sortie for Navigation, especially to any other station like Terengganu (WMKN), student must have Survival kits, Life Jacket and Tech Log on board before clear for start. After I checked the aircraft and found in a good condition, I signed the Tech Log and started the engine around 0800Hrs LMT.

Me : Ground APAC 2458 good morning.
Ground : APAC 2458 Morning, Go ahead.
Me : APAC 2458, request startup for NAVEX as per flight plan to Terengganu, 8000feet, POB of 02 Endurance 0530H in 9M-NRH copied info ***** with 1010.
Ground : Start approved time check 10.
Me : Approved Time check 10.

Time check is very important as we need to report our ETA for the next reporting point. This is to ensure that our time is synchronized with Tower. Sometimes, we have reciprocal traffic operating same altitude but different ETA. 1 or 2mins difference can make a difference. So, be careful.

After I finished through After Start and Before Take-Off checks, I called ground for ATC and Taxi. You will hear the transmission something like this.

Me : Ground APAC 2458, Request ATC.
Ground : APAC 2458, cleared to leave Kota Bharu control zone to Terengganu, 8000feet, Squawk 5400.
Me : (Readback) and we are ready for taxi.
Ground : APAC 2458, taxi holding point Charlie contact tower. Jumpa lagi...
Me : Taxi Holding point charlie contact tower, jumpa lagi tuan.

After cleared to Taxi, I signal to marshaller for Chock off and taxied to Holding point. While taxiing the aircraft, the moment aircraft moves and away from any other aircraft, pilots are required to check their brake on PF and PNF. This is to ensure that in case you have problem with your brake, you can still stop the aircraft while it is slow. I'm sure we don't want brake failure to happen during Aborted Take-off or also known as Rejected Take-off (RTO). Instruments checks such as HSI reading and Turn and Slip indicator (TSI) also will be check during taxi.

After completed all those checks, I stopped the aircraft at holding point Charlie and contact Tower.

Me : Tower, APAC 2458 Holding Point Charlie Morning.
Tower : APAC 2458, Backtrack Lineup Runway 10.
Me : (Readback)

While taxiing, I did my HAT cx. (Heading to steer, Altimetry, and Time (EET) )

Approach path, Runway and windsock must be check prior entering the active runway. For APFT operational flight (Day time; for Night Flying, REFER: NF), landing and taxi light must be turn on prior to enter runway. After everything cleared, I entered and backtrack and call ready.

Tower : APAC 2458, 1000feet initially right turn cleared for take off.
Me : (Readback)

I then did a simple departure brief telling what I'm going to do and where. (REF:APFT SOP)
Example as follows:
Departure Brief: Runway 10, 500feet right turn climb and maintain 1000feet track to Peringat (or your destination)

Power 50%, T's P's all green, no fire no smoke. Brake released, and power advanced gradually to 100%, few seconds, airspeed indicating and 59Kts, Rotate.

Rotate = Where the nose wheel lift off the ground.

Positive Rate of Climb, I applied Brake on then off.

300feet, airspeed not below 70kts (DA40), flaps UP. Landing & Taxi light off.

After safely airbone, around 500feet, I turned to the right and Set course to Peringat.

T-Turn to Peringat
T-Time (check for Set course)
R-Ref Point (visually)
T-Transmit (advised ATC)

Standard R/T call is to be made:

Tower, APAC xxxx Set Course (time) maintaining 1000feet (your height) Peringat (time). After reached overhead Peringat, we then turned to Tanah Merah which was around 8mins from Peringat with 110kts ground speed. After overhead Tanah Merah, we then cleared to climb 8000feet.

Tower : APAC 2458, climb 8000feet, report passing 6000feet
Me : Climb 8000feet will call again passing 6000feet APAC 2458
Tower: 2458.

I did cruise climb with 90% load and 90KIAS just to reduce the stress of the engine. Passing 6000feet, I advised ATC

Me: Tower, APAC 2458, passing 6000feet climbing 8000feet.
Tower: APAC 2458, roger, continue climb 8000feet
Me : (Readback)

Once overhead Kuala Relai, I was transferred from Kota Bharu to Terengganu for onward clearance.

As usual, after being release by other control, we have to establish initial contact before telling them where we are and where we go. Standard R/T phraseology is to be used here:

Me : Terengganu Approach, APAC 2458, Good Morning....
Terengganu : APAC 2458, Morning, Go ahead.
Me: APAC 2458, released by Kota Bharu, Kuala Relai (time( 8000feet Kenyir Dam (time), POB 2, Endurance 4Hrs in 9M-NRH squawking 5400.
Terengganu : APAC 2458, copied, hold current position and standby for set course
Me : (readback)

Me : Naaven u have control for a while
Naaven : I have control

I took out my camera and take a few picture. Hehe....

Holding overhead Kuala Relai, standby set course to Kenyir Dam.

Kuala Relai

I checked the actual Fuel on Board (FOB) with Minimum fuel, we are still in safety margin. After around 15mins of holding, Tower asked my Radial and DME. After I checked Radial and DME, they asked me to resume navigation back to Kenyir Dam.

Me: OK naaven, I have control...
Naaven: You have control..Camera bagi saya la ok.
Me : OK.

I have control... =p

I resumed Navigation to Kenyir Dam for the first time, while Naaven busy snapping here and there with D3000.

Naaven: Alamak arni, semua gambar gelap la..macam mana?
Me : Haa? U have control, let me setting first.
Naaven: Ok I control.
Me : errm..u pakai auto takmau?
Naaven: takmau la..tak cantik..
Me: pakai this setting, make the arrow to the centre..
Naaven: ok.
Me: I have control..

Approaching Kenyir

Once overhead Kenyir Dam, I reported my Actual Time of Arrival (ATA), height and Estimate time of the next waypoint.

Kenyir Dam

One thing I love bout flying high altitude is the "cold temperature" =p

As usual, once overhead a waypoint, CLEAR OFF checks need to be done.

L-Log (To fill up next waypoint ETA and Actual Fuel on Board)

We safely touch and go at Terengganu airfield and set course back to Kota Bharu.

Terengganu airfield

Pulau Redang airfield

Pulau Perhentian

Kota Bharu airfield

Safely landed at Kota Bharu around 11.30AM.