27 December 2011

Maybankard Treats Points Redemption

Maybank; One of the famous bank in Malaysia. I started to use their Maybankard Visa Debit since 2008 . I like this card since its first launched because of the acceptance of Visa and as an ATM card. After few years using this card, I have thousands of treatpoints in my account which I am qualified to redeem vouchers like McDonalds and Baskin Robbins.

Personally, I love the card because of its unique design and its widely accepted. No problem I had before for online purchase. However, I'm quite disappointed when I wanted to redeem the my treatpoints. As usual, I checked their website at Maybank2u.com.my and click at Treat Points to know what item I can redeem with my available points. After following the instruction (for on-the-spot) redemption, I went to Baskin robbins and present my card as instructed in website. However my transaction was declined because its only applicable to Maybank Credit Card. I then call Maybank call center and explained the situation, they said they will link bank the points to my card. It can happen when the Point of sale (POS) machine cannot get through points information.

1400Treat points

I then tried once again and same thing happened. I then try to reached Maybank through their email and got replied from different types of department.

After several times of fowarding and replied,same answer ; unable to process, its only available for on the spot redemption. Is it mean I have to go to One Utama Maybank from Semenyih just to redeem one voucher worth RM15? I still remember last time, they provide delivery of voucher to home address, but now its no more.

I hope after I replied the last email, everything can be solve. Otherwise,I have to catch their attention through a letter in Berita Harian.


Azlan said...

I had the same problem with you bro..

The Cockpit Diaries said...

Update: 02/01/2012.

Maybank informed that redemption for a certain product must be made over the counter while few others can be redeem online which takes 3-4weeks of delivery.

So, for others staying far away from KL, you can choose other products to redeem.

Case closed.