24 January 2012

Sports Tracker

Stay healthy and fit; it is everyone hope. Question is; Do You? Most of people find difficult to have regular exercise even at least once a week. Even I also having tons of excuses not to do it. Sometimes, it is not because we can't do it, its just we don't want to do until its too late. By looking at the current eating habit especially for the youngster, we can't sit quiet and watch them suffer later on in the older age.

Nowdays, people are pampered with technology. Lots of smartphones being produced each and every year. New features introduced and enhancement being made. Sports-Tracker.com was one of the pioneer to utilize the benefits of this latest technology. I found this application while browsing through "Ovi Suite", one of the application explorer for Nokia smartphones.

I installed the application and tested for the very first time and found it quite useful.

So what is this??

Sports Tracker is an application for supported smartphone to track your physical activites. There are several types of activities that can be track by using this apps such as Running, Walking, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Roller Skating, Downhill Skiing, Skiing, Paddling, Rowing, Golf and even your indoor activity (does not require GPS). Indoor activity is selected when you wanted to know your footsteps, energy used and etc.

I like some of the features provided such as its record our track, the estimation of Kcal burned, footsteps, our distance and time taken and lastly our speed. By having this information in hand, we can analyze our performance throughout the exercise.

The beauty of having this application is you can share your workout or so called exercise with others around the globe. Yes! Correct. You can upload all your information to sports-tracker.com free of charge. In fact, this application is FREE and everything is FREE (as for now). You can even share it at Facebook and even your twitter. Why this is good? By sharing this information, others can look your performance details and indirectly they become motivated to workout too..!! Isn't that great?

The application has been widely used by Nokia, Iphone, Android and Windows smartphones. Because of its widely accepted for several type of Operating System (OS), it is easy for mobile user to share and interact with each other.

Apart from that, you can check your previous workout with a single click. But do bear in mind, in other to record your jogging track, your phone must have GPS built-in receiver. To check whether your phone supported for this application, please do visit their website.

Come and join me towards a healthy life. I hope this application can motivate at least some of this blog readers. Add me as friends if you do have this application installed..! =)

Remember : Be positive and think positive.

P/s : Please don't think to show off to others your workout performance by using this apps.

13 January 2012

Smart Cockpit

I find this website quite useful ever since I'm in flying school. I google up to look for some materials for my Airbus ECAM presentation until I found this website.

This website offer different types of aircraft from propeller to turbine engine. Depends on the source availability, it explains about the aircraft system and components from A to Z.

I'm attracted to its quote:

‘knowledge is useless unless you share it’ and ‘more aviation knowledge means less accidents’.

I would say, its like an online aviation library where you can refer some notes for your aircraft. However, it came to my understanding that all the notes are for your reference only and

"Not to be use for flight"

Why? Read this:

  • The material contained on this site is to be used for training purposes only. Do not use it for flight!
  • Smartcockpit's goal is to increase airline's overall safety environment while sharing an accurate and useful supplement to your Flight Manuals. All training material is available online to facilitate your understanding of aircraft systems and all associated procedures. Aircraft manufacturers produce top quality manuals which have to be considered as a generic “Bible” but the latest revision of your airline approved Flight Manual (including Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs) is the primary reference source and the final authority for all information regarding your aircraft.
  • Information and data on this site is provided in good faith on an “As is” basis and is believed to be accurate. However errors and omissions may have occurred and no guarantee of accuracy is implied. Smartcockpit.com can therefore not be held liable for any incorrect information, including financial loss associated with direct or indirect reliance on this information.
  • Please note that this site is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer.

How to read it? First select which aircraft you wanted to know and the next step is click on the appropriate topic.

So I hope you guys can have some knowledge from the website =)

Click Here to go to Smart Cockpit

03 January 2012

Triumph in the Skies

One of my favorite HongKong TVB drama since 2007. This 40 episodes drama covers life as a pilot, cabin crew, ground crew and few others who work at Solar Airways. I started to follow this drama on TV3;6PM (Best of the Best TVB Drama slot) since before my SPM.

It gives you a clearer picture on what to expect to become a pilot. This drama also includes several test commonly run by airlines for the cadet pilot intake. Which are psychomotor test, psychometric test and interview. After successfully passed the exam, the drama started with their journey as a cadet pilot in one of the Australia flying school in Adelaide. Ground school and flying phase almost exactly as the real one. However, they do skip some unimportant things to make the drama shorter =p.

Apart from that, to make the drama more interesting, it also includes family life, love story and friendship. You wont easily get bored with all pilot and aviation term all the time. During my cadet lifetime, personally, I feel this drama give lots of motivation for my flying. I did enjoy watching it even for the fourth time since 2007.

Back to story, after all of the cadet graduated, the story then continued life as an airline pilot .The story reach climax when one of the pilot; Vincent involved in a car accident at Rome and died instantly. After several incidents which strike zoe (illness), the story ends with marriage of "Sam" and "Zoe". ; A happy ending drama.

Other than this movie, one of the most popular aviation drama titled " Good Luck " by japanese drama caught my attention. However, this movie only covers life as an airline pilot and only have 10 episodes. Much more shorter than Triumph in the Skies.

Goodluck summary extracted from wikipedia:

Hajime Shinkai (Takuya Kimura) is a young, inexperienced pilot who struggles to achieve the dream of becoming a chief pilot some day. From the very beginning, it becomes clear that this is far from easy. The drama starts off with a flight back from Honolulu, Hawaii. When the captain feels unwell, Shinkai must land for him, but his sloppy landing earns him only criticism. Kouda Kazuki (Shinichi Tsutsumi), another chief pilot, criticizes his decision.

Upset, Shinkai calls him cold and insensitive, resulting in a two-day suspension, during which he becomes acquainted with Ayumi Ogawa (Kou Shibasaki), a stubborn, straight-talking mechanic whose parents died in an airplane crash when she was just twelve. Coincidentally, her parents' death is related to Captain Kouda, who was supposed to lead the flight but called in sick at the last moment, to his later regret.

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If you know any other movies/drama which have similar genre, please let me know so that I can include here as well. =)