27 April 2012



New features and a few enchantments has been made to refresh and throw a new MooD..!

1 ) Like! and Share button.

It came to my understanding that most of the people who reading through post having difficulty to voice out his/her response, in that case, I've installed this plugin to make it simple! . Only 1 (one) click will do the magic. Click if you like the post. By clicking this, you will indirectly keep this blog alive. =)

2) Popular Posts.

This section has been repositioned and I added small thumbnail to give an idea of what post is all about.

3) Search box

Search box has been repositioned from right to left column to give a better access. I hope this one will help especially cadet pilot;
Looking out reference especially for certain training exercise wont be easy if you don't know how to navigate. Just type in the exercise name in general word.

For example, Instruments Flying, General Handling , Navigation and etc.

4) Mobile site

I've tested to browse through using Opera Mini and it works perfectly. I believed some of my readers rely on handphone to do so. So I've enhanced and make sure it is accessible by handphone.

If you find any post with unreadable text, please do let me know.

Thank you.

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