11 February 2013

The Cockpit Diaries VC

Hey everyone... As promised, the video clip is now ready to publish. It took almost 4months of hard work to get it done. The video was taken during my first and last sunset flight with my passengers when I used to work with the flying club.

It was an unforgettable flying moments for me as well as my passengers. The video clip was shoot by Mr Azri Ahmad.  

I would like to take this opportunity to express my highest gratitude to Subang Tower ATC officers ; Khairana Rahman, Hanisah Sehak, Rizalina Jumairy, Regina Razali, Shamil Ahmad, Jijan Bokhari, Ieta Abidin, Siti Fatimah Ahmad and the rest of ATC officers. Not to forget, MAB officers, Fatimah Yusof (Mak Tim), Firdaus and the rest. Thanks for your kind hospitality.

The Cockpit Diary from Azri Ahmad on Vimeo.