09 March 2013

Malindo Air (Chronology)

A new hybrid airline offers low air fares with additional services is set to takeoff its first flight on 22 March 2013 after its success in getting the AOC from Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Malaysia last month. This will mark the second low-cost carrier in Malaysia which offer additional service with affordable fares. This brand new airline will be operating Boeing 737-900ER.

It all begins last year, when one of the leading local news paper (Berita Harian) highlighted "Jobless Pilot" issues out.

(Berita Harian; March 2012)

Its started when few of flying school in Malaysia closing down due to financial and management problems which includes flying school situated at Johor Bharu, Ipoh as well as in Sabah. The issue immediately caught nationwide attention.

TV3 - Aduan Rakyat

Berita Harian took initiative to follow up the issue with local jobless pilot by interviewing them. Most of them working in a different working environment. This forces jobless pilot to take any offer that comes first.

New shine of hope for unemployed pilots out there when new local low cost carrier named as Malindo Air is announced. This brand new airline will be based at KLIA 2, its own by NADI (51%) and Lion Air (49%) respectively.

Malindo Air conducted walk in interview at Level 4, Main Terminal Building, KLIA on last September.

The response is overwhelming. Thousands of crowd turned up for the said walk-in interview.

I came at 5.30am to beat the crowd on the second day as I don't have the chance to be interview on the first day.

On the second day of interview, I managed to get in and interviewed by one of the senior captain.

Berita Harian

On 7 March 2013, the signing ceremony, product and service launch and welcoming the new AOC event has been held at Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya. Around 179 fresh pilot attended the said event.

(Berita Harian)

 Flight offers

Malindo Air Clip

 I would like to say thanks to everyone that involved in Malindo Air selection process for your kind hard work, as well as not to forget to Berita Harian for bringing up the issue. Congratulations to 179 fresh pilots that being accepted by Malindo Air.

Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator Experience

Flight Simulator is one of the most sophisticated machine ever built to train pilots. Basically, there are two types of flight simulators;
1) Full Flight Simulator (FFS)
2) Fixed Based Simulator (FBS).

Now, for those who are not really sure of the differences, I can shine you with some of the information that I know.

Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

This type of simulator normally to be used to train commercial pilots.Level-D simulator is designed to create scenarios and the feel as realistic as possible. It is powered by hydraulic or electric.

(taken from CAE.com)

This simulator also can be used with Motion OFF to act like a Fixed Based Simulator (FBS). This type of simulators is not open for public, however, some airlines do open this simulator for public for 30mins or 60mins experience. It sometimes can be costly.

Fixed Based Simulator (FBS)

It also knows as a static simulator. There is no motion for this type of simulator and it is normally powered by electric. Even though it is motionless, it serves the same purpose to train pilots mainly for procedural trainings and cockpit familiarization.

AVIAX 738NG Cockpit

In Malaysia, this type of simulator is limited. At AVIAX - Flight Simulator Experience, you can find yourself to fly Boeing 737NG aircraft. The scale is built to match as close as possible as real ones with exception of few things like CB panel which is not installed.


Come and join us to fly. Drop your comments down here if you have any questions.