09 March 2013

Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator Experience

Flight Simulator is one of the most sophisticated machine ever built to train pilots. Basically, there are two types of flight simulators;
1) Full Flight Simulator (FFS)
2) Fixed Based Simulator (FBS).

Now, for those who are not really sure of the differences, I can shine you with some of the information that I know.

Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

This type of simulator normally to be used to train commercial pilots.Level-D simulator is designed to create scenarios and the feel as realistic as possible. It is powered by hydraulic or electric.

(taken from CAE.com)

This simulator also can be used with Motion OFF to act like a Fixed Based Simulator (FBS). This type of simulators is not open for public, however, some airlines do open this simulator for public for 30mins or 60mins experience. It sometimes can be costly.

Fixed Based Simulator (FBS)

It also knows as a static simulator. There is no motion for this type of simulator and it is normally powered by electric. Even though it is motionless, it serves the same purpose to train pilots mainly for procedural trainings and cockpit familiarization.

AVIAX 738NG Cockpit

In Malaysia, this type of simulator is limited. At AVIAX - Flight Simulator Experience, you can find yourself to fly Boeing 737NG aircraft. The scale is built to match as close as possible as real ones with exception of few things like CB panel which is not installed.


Come and join us to fly. Drop your comments down here if you have any questions.

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